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    rrall & Powell, City of vancouver Archives

    The history of Vancouver in bite-sized fun-facts and stories

    Did you know...?
    "Wait for me Daddy"

    Did you know that there was an air base at what is now the peaceful Jericho Sailing Club?? And are you aware that Kitsilano Beach had a large part to play in the events of June 6th, 1944 when allied troops stormed the beaches of Normany?

    Mike Mrdle tells us all about it in his segment “The Last Word” on CTV News Vancouver.

    Celebrities in Vancouver
    Chaplin in "A Night in an English Club," 23 June 1912 [Image: Kansas City, MO, via TheRoyalZanettos.com]

    Even when Vancouver was very young and very small, famous people began to drop by. Sometimes they weren’t famous yet: on May 8, 1911, when Fred Karno’s entertainment troupe from England began a week-long engagement at the Orpheum Theatre (not the present one) at Pender and Howe Streets, one of the performers was a hugely gifted 22-year-old Charlie Chaplin.

    This Month in Lol History
    Nat Bailey Stadium [Image: Vancouver Heritage Foundation] Nat Bailey Stadium [Image: Vancouver Heritage Foundation]

    On April 2, 1978 the Vancouver Parks Board voted to rename pilano Stadium after Nat Bailey.

    On April 3, 1993 Vancouver hosted a summit meeting between U.S. President Bill Clinton and Russia’s President Boris Yeltsin.

    On April 6, 1886 the City of Vancouver was incorporated.

    On April 7, 1914 last spike ceremonies marked the completion of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, creating a continuous line between Portland, Maine and Prince Rupert, BC.

    On April 27, 1924 the Cenotaph at Vancouver’s Victory Square was unveiled in a ceremony presided over by Mayor William Reid Owen. Originally a memorial to Vancouver’s soldiers who had died in France, its inscription reads: “Their name liveth for ever more / Is it nothing to you—All ye that pass by.

    Find out what else happened in April…

    Vancouver Books

    Hundreds of books have been produced by Vancouver writers, and dozens more have been written about Vancouver. Now, researched exclusively for , Karen nnon has compiled an annotated list of 945 Vancouver books. Ms. nnon is a retired librarian. You’ll make some fascinating discoveries in her collection.



    Mr. Vancouver on Mural

    If there was someone who knew the people and places of Vancouver, it was Chuck Davis. ‘Mr Vancouver’ – historian, author and broadster.

    Chuck Davis Wins BC Book Prizes

    Chuck Davis won two awards for his bestselling book The Chuck Davis History of Metropolitan Vancouver

    The Chuck Davis History of Metropolitan Vancouver

    Book Fulfills Chuck’s Dream

    In the last dede of his life, Chuck Davis was hard at work writing a book that he boldly announced would be “the pstone of my writing reer.”


    Sunday Baths

    Red’s Rock

    Street Names